About Us

Sravan Shelters will make it easier, quicker and simpler to start living in your own home. We work with all types of clients to make their home dreams come true. Launched by R Senthil Kumar in 2013, Sravan Shelters aspires to be the name that you recognize for professionalism, reliability and quality.


Dream homes for everyone.


We strive to accomplish our vision by

  • Deeply understanding the aspirations of our clients .
  • Building functional and beautiful living spaces that bring joy
  • and happiness to its residents .
  • Always adopting a ‘client-first’ approach both in spirit and our actions .

About Our Founder

Senthil Kumar, the founder and owner of Sravan Shelters, has rock-solid experience in the real estate industry for more than 20 years now. He has gained a good understanding of the challenges, hopes and dreams that drive property buyers. When he decided to launch a new venture, the house building industry was a natural choice. He could indeed play a remarkable role making use of his knowledge and experience he has gained ‘in the field’. For him, this is not just a venture; he realizes the responsibility he has in his hands to bring happiness and joy to his current and future clients.

It will be a pleasure to learn about you and see how we can help you get your own home. Please get in touch with us today.